All Care To You Culture

Our office is located in Orange, California near Angels Stadium, the Artic Station and the Anaheim Pond. We cultivate an open, honest, and collaborative environment at All Care To You where everyone’s thoughts and suggestions can be heard. Our office style is casual and flexible allowing space for creative solutions and work-life balance. We utilize various resources to keep our team connected and united as most of our team members telecommute. 

Mentoring Program

At ACTY, we know the importance of continual learning and growth. We implement a Mentoring Program to encourage knowledge sharing, teaching, and continued development. Knowing we all see the world with different, unique perspectives, we take advantage of opportunities for teaching, inspiring our team to never stop growing and developing new skills. The program includes one-on-one mentoring as well as monthly group trainings.  

Internship Program

Our HealthCare Internship Program is ideal for students aspiring to work in the Healthcare System or Healthcare Administration. The program provides active students industry and organizational knowledge through daily business interactions and job assignments. The internship is designed to be completed alongside the school schedule. ACTY provides a learning and working environment to allow for real world application of classroom topics. 

Internship Testimonials

"Working for All Care to you has given me an opportunity to grow and enhance my knowledge in healthcare administration. The internship here provided me with valuable hands-on experience and a better idea about what knowledge areas and skills I should attach more importance and make further improvement to in my further studies. My internship has given me a greater understanding of what it is I have learned in the classroom and given the opportunity to apply it to real situations. One of the greatest benefits that I have received is the knowledge that I enjoy doing what it is I have been studying for."

Zhanie D., Fall 2021

"All Care to You offered me an opportunity to develop as a future healthcare professional by learning various things about management services organizations, independent physician associations, health plans, and providers. The organization is useful for anyone who is looking forward to working in any healthcare related job. The internship here gives you insight and knowledge about all the things we often times aren’t aware of as workers and visitors of healthcare facilities. Ultimately, this has been an excellent and worthwhile internship experience that allowed me to learn many things I had no prior knowledge of while exercising my communication skills when on calls. My contributions here were very much valued and recognized."

Milton L., SUMMER 2021

“My Spring 2021 internship at All Care To You included hands-on experience, important responsibilities, and a clearer idea of what a healthcare MSO does and how it works. Everyone I worked with was super kind, patient, and understanding whenever I needed help or had any questions. Most importantly, I gained the exposure in healthcare that I was looking for, as well as other skills! The company also provided monthly information sessions on the healthcare industry and training on SQL for beginners. All trainings are recorded so you can always go back to it easily.  I had a really great time as an intern, and It genuinely prepared me for my transition out of college and into the professional world!” 

Carmen L., Spring 2021

“My experience as an intern for All Care To You has given me a comprehensive knowledge of the healthcare industry. This is the best way to gain hands on experience in the field and the team is really great at working with you to pair you with departments that meet your skills and interests to develop your professional abilities. I feel more confident entering a career in healthcare knowing I will be able to use the technical and professional skills I learned while interning with ACTY.”

Holly H., Spring 2021

"Working at All Care To You offers a great opportunity to develop and advance healthcare administration skill sets. The staff is very welcoming and eager to teach and help student interns learn about the operations of a Management Service Organization (MSO).  The culture at ACTY is incredible, it’s really a team effort, and everyone is willing to help one another to reach organizational goals. I definitely encourage anyone who would like to expand their knowledge and skills in healthcare administration to apply because you will learn a lot from this internship and you will be able to apply everything learned to any part of the healthcare field."

Camilla M., Fall 2020

“After interning at All Care To You, I was able to learn various skills that has prepared me well for my professional career.  I had the chance to learn about the health care industry, teamwork, and administration skills I can carry on in the future.  ACTY treated me as an equal, not just an intern and I’m incredibly grateful for the experience!”

Regina D., Fall 2019