About Us 

Stacy Marlin

All Care To You (“ACTY”) was started by husband and wife, Mike and Stacy Marlin in 2018. Stacy has worked in the Healthcare industry for over 30 years as a catalyst for growth and innovation. Her years of executive project management and strategic leadership inspire and lead the ACTY team and the company’s continued growth and success. 

Mike Marlin

Mike has 17 years’ experience in the Food and Beverage Industry as a Professional Chef at restaurants including some of Orange County’s largest and most popular venues. Mike began working in the Healthcare industry in 2017 and utilizes his many years of management experience overseeing ACTY Operations. 

Mike and Stacy’s passion and drive are at the heart of All Care To You’s mission to serve healthcare providers allowing them more time to treat and heal their patients. 

All Care To You provides healthcare administrative support to Independent Physician Associations, TPAs, and Fiscal Intermediary clients. We are experts in system oversight and audit preparation. Our principles have experience and success providing strategic planning, operational expansion, and financial health services with quality, integrity, and care.

We have worked with different healthcare software applications on the market, so we understand firsthand what is missing, what our clients need to perform and where to find the gaps in care, improve quality and increase profitability. We provide state-of-the-art Cloud computing technology to assist our clients with today's healthcare industry challenges including disaster recovery.